Testimonials and Reveiws

I realize I never got back to you after your informative email. To update you, I had SUCH A BLAST last night at Nick’s. The line dancing lessons were great! The Repeat Offenders, fantastic. I even got to line dance & karaoke at the back bar. About 12 friends showed up total & everyone left with a smile on their face.

The bartender/server at the front bar was attentive & handled all our tabs separately! I didn’t get her name, but she made it easy to get whatever we needed. Rob – one of the barbacks – was also friendly & encouraged us to celebrate whole-heartedly. Even the security guard at the door was polite, accommodating & welcoming.

It’s going down in the books as the best birthday I’ve had so far. I hope not to have to wait a whole year before visiting again!!!


– Krystyn

I hit up Nick’s with some friends last Friday night. Definitely a great bar if you like country music … All in all, it was an awesome Friday  night out with friends and if you are looking for a country bar in the metro area, this is it.

-Angeline C., McLean, VA

Definitely one of my favourite places to go.  For those going there to drink, they’ve got plenty.  For those going to dance, they’ve got two amazing floors (for a bar).  For those who don’t know how to dance, they have lessons.
-J A.,  Alexandria, VA

Fun place to meet people, dance and socialize. Good size dance area and bar area! The DJ was great mixing it up with songs and videos. Lots of potential dance partners around!
-Chris S., Washington, DC

This is one of those places that I really enjoy but I can only come here once every few months … Dancing: this is what I love! On certain nights you can take line dancing lessons for just $5. There are also special nights for couples’ dancing.

Overall it is a really fun place … The alcohol is cheap and you can always find some form of entertainment here.
-Nina R., Arlington, VA

Fun, fun, fun!  Want to do something different – give it a try … Country music is not my scene, but I can appreciate a fun place when I see one and good times with friends.  I will go back as soon as I can!
-Jonathan S., Suitland, MD

A buddy brought my wife and I here for NYE and we all had a great time. This is a country bar with live music in the front and karaoke in the back. I heard the food was great but we showed up after dinner. As the crowd rolls in they start playing music and switch back and forth from Dj to karaoke. Bring your boots, there is a line dance for every song and the floor is open during karaoke.
-Charles S.,   Washington, DC

Overall, lots of fun! Whether you want to take a line dancing lesson–get there early for the 7:45 hour-long lesson on the weekends–do karaoke in the back room bar, listen to a live country band, or just people-watch, Nick’s is a nice change of pace from usual dc area venues.
-Katie B.,  Arlington, VA

I love this place, but mostly because of the atmosphere. I’m not too much into country music, but I love line dancing. You can go early on some nights and they do lessons before hand, and whats great is that those dances actually come up later on when the band or dj starts! Now, I just got to practice my dance moves and get a pair of boots!
-Juliana C., Jamaica Plain, MA

I  went to Nick’s Saturday night. Cheap drinks, live band, $5 cover…line dancing, two step dancing….Wanna be cowboys/cowgirls…jeans, boots, plaid shirts, hunting gear my type of spot. Live band played new country, Lambert, Jason Aldean,Shelton, Keith, Biently, Kid Rock and old country music.  Luv Country Music and CMT.

Fun..a lot of fun…great Karaoke..plenty of guys to dance with…will definitely go back with more peeps.
-Ashley V., Alexandria, VA

This place was pretttttty cool on a Friday night!!

It was my friend’s birthday and we all dressed up in our best cowboy/girl attire while drinking and dancing the night away.

It was a really fun atmosphere! There’s line dancing and karaoke which can be both good and bad. Super fun for whenever!!

FYI – there’s actual legit cowboys in here and it’s filled with lots of old men and women hahahahahahaha i love it.
-Melissa A., Alexandria, VA

I was pleasantly surprised to find a place like Nick’s in the DC area. The venue consists of two separated dance floors and bar areas.

The best part about Nick’s however is the dancing and live music. On Fridays starting at 7:45 (I think other nights of the week too) they offer both line dancing lessons as well as two-step and other more advanced couples dancing lessons. We opted for the basic two-step class which was great for someone like me with two left feet. Though I was a bit intimidated when they made us start exchanging partners. I thought I would only have to embarrass myself in front of my wife rather than all the other women taking the lesson. At 9:00 the lessons end, the live band comes on and the dance floor opens. They also offer karaoke on the other dance floor.

All in all, Nick’s was a fun Friday night for something different.
-Kate C.,  Honolulu, HI

Nick’s never disappoints. It’s not an every weekend thing, but every couple months I like to drop in and stir things up a little. An honest country bar in the DMV area is hard to come by. The crowd is always a lively bunch, and there’s truly something for everyone… everyone, of course, being those who are down with country music, denim as far as the eye can see, and a man in a mean bola tie.

The front bar offers live music and two-step. (Amateurs clear the floor.) The back bar offers karaoke and a second dance floor for the JV (this is where I stick to)! Drinks are not overpriced, people are friendly-not-sleazy, people-watching is entertainment in and of itself.

Bottom line: it’s a nice break away from Yankee turf.
-Kim D., Woodbridge, VA


I wanted to thank you and your team at Nick’s for a great 40th Birthday!  My friends and family had a great time dancing, drinking and eating!  The staff was great (I apologize, but don’t remember their names!!!).  The two bartenders and the bar back helped make my night special.

Thank you again for all of your help.  I look forward to returning to Nick’s soon!